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“Howl” was a movie about the famous poet, Allen Ginsberg, who marked an important turning point in the history of poetry. The movie was very interesting. I had never heard of Allen Ginsberg before. I always hated poetry really. Of course, I still do. But that is beside the point. Either way, the movie was very good. There was a combination of Ginsberg’s life, his first public reading of HOWL, the trial of the publishing of the obscenity featured in HOWL, and animation put with a reading of HOWL. The poem was definitely full of vulgarity that I did not enjoy, but the point Ginsberg wanted to make was that poetry should be allowed to be blunt and use words that people use to speak to each other in everyday life. He certainly made his point and the lawyers of the publishing company were able to represent his point very well. I liked the literary point a lot. Poetry should not be limited by society because it is too “obscene” when it is supposed to be a commentary on reality. The messages of the poems were incredibly intricate and interesting, while also soaked with vulgarity and sexual symbolism. So, I wasn’t really sure how to react to it at all. On one end I was repulsed by the obscene animation riddled with penises and people having sex. On the other hand, I was intrigued by his desire and ability to intertwine obscenity with intellectual language. I also thought Ginsberg’s life was rather interesting and so were his relationships. I found the men he fell in love with to be interesting characters as well. It was all just very sweet, in my opinion. On another odd note, I really loved the fact that the current “hipster” style is basically an exact replica of his time period. He could have time-travelled, wearing his clothing, and no one would find him to be out of place. He would fit right in. And that’s awesome. But that is just my admiration for the hipster style coming through. Overall, I found the film to be entertaining and intellectually engaging.


70 Log Lines

1. When Arizona’s goody-two-shoes gal begins to isolate herself and act strangely, her family suspects demonic possession and attempts to help her without harming the Southwestern flower hidden behind the demon.
2. As a middle-aged botanist in Colorado is slowly losing her husband to a brain tumor, she struggles to cope and learns to treasure every moment.
3. A grad student is teaching in Chicago while also struggling to maintain his priorities and not burn any bridges along the way.
4. A small-town girl has a dream of becoming a professional dancer and trains hard for months to get accepted to NYU.
5. A big-time lawyer meets a quirky woman on a cruise ship and falls for her unusual personality and approach to life.
6. A magician’s assistant is transported to another dimension in a Disappearing Act gone wrong….or right perhaps?
7. A Chicago painter struggles to get ahead in the art community while also keeping up on rent for his small inner-city apartment.
8. A group of American astronauts take off to Mars for the first time and come across not-so-hospitable life.
9. Ex-FBI detective is asked to rejoin the force to solve a serial killer case only to find out that his brother is the culprit.
10. A dog gets lost in a park and tries to find his way home, but gets abducted by another family who wants to keep him.
11. A herd of goats is confused and forced to find a way to survive when their lone shepherd dies of a heart attack and can no longer take care of them.
12. In a post-apocalyptic time, only a few Russian scientists have managed to survive by flying off to the moon with innumerable supplies and they are forced to make the most of what they have & attempt to build a sort of new society.
13. A middle-aged dentist climbs a mountain to find redemption from the sinful life he’s led.
14. A factory worker is laid off from his job and is forced to find ways to support himself and his wife.
15. A farmer struggles to keep his family fed through the worst drought in his town’s history.
16. A young racecar driver is the best rookie the racing scene has ever encountered, but will his fame ruin his good old country boy reputation and turn him into a rich bad boy.
17. Seeking to escape from her smothering home-life, a young girl sets off cross-country by herself to find who she is and what she wants.
18. A 16-year-old Texan has always been a bit rebellious, but one day her rebellion turns into a terrible drug addiction, which leads her into further fires from which she must fight to rescue herself.
19. Two nuns with dancing backgrounds are assigned to open a studio to teach students how to dance their way to heaven.
20. A young heart surgeon is the new talk of the doctoral community, though he must learn to cope with the inevitable death, drama, and tears he will encounter along the course of his career.
21. A 14-year-old in Guinea raped and gets pregnant, though her family believes she was being promiscuous and leaves her to struggle with the issue on her own.
22. A 23-year-old advertising agent attempts fights her way to the top, even though there are many sexist men trying to keep her from proving her worth.
23. The mayor of a major city pushes for strong anti-prostitution laws only to find out that his three daughters are sexual escorts.
24. A 90-year-old man went to the barbershop and got more than a trim.
25. Grapes to Raisins: A documentary about the making of the band’s first album, Rockin’ Roadkill.
26. A 5-year-old girl has a smart mouth and continues to cause trouble in her kindergarten class.
27. A pretentious big time alternative rock band gets lost in the middle of nowhere on their tour bus.
28. Bill Gates discovers a room in his house he didn’t know was there.
29. A dog eats a tube of toothpaste and trips BALLS.
30. A man is born with three eyes and loses two of them. (Title: Not Enough Eyes)
31. A man orders a cheeseburger and is consumed by it!
32. A weightlifter finds his Achilles heel when he comes into contact with a bass player of a well-known ska band.
33. A woman grows a brain.
34. A man sits and does a girl’s homework for her so she doesn’t have to exercise her creative muscles.
35. Arturo Garcia, a Chinese detective, goes on a manhunt for a killer who takes peoples’ middle fingers off.
36. Ok there’s this guy right who has this collection of shoes and they all fall on him and he gets hurt and he’s all like damn I just wasted my life and I shoulda been fuckin bitches and makin money.
37. A freshman in chemistry accidentally discovers there’s no God and then goes to Hell.
38. Some asshole keeps making up personal movie titles and his peer gets irritated and tries to kill him.
39. A dentist gets addicted to laughing gas, runs away from home, abandons in family, and starts his own business selling washing machines and dryers and lives in a Laundromat.
40. Some bitch tries to poison all the men in her life.
41. Seven rednecks attempt to get a perfect score on the SAT.
42. A 12-year-old girl just wants to fit in and battles the social pressures to become anorexic.
43. A man gets sent back in time when he gets struck by lightning.
44. A woman finds out that when you die, you are actually just transported to another dimension.
45. A man dedicates his life to figuring out what “LOST” is about.
46. A woman who doesn’t want to get pregnant gets pregnant.
47. An Asian exchange student decides to get dreadlocks and start doing drugs, ruining his reputation as a good honorable kid.
48. A group of college students decide to be camp counselors and have crazy times when the camp kids were asleep in their cabins.
49. A woman is brought to court for the murder of her son and the evidence stacks up against her, even though she didn’t do it.
50. A lesbian woman and a gay man decide to get married to receive marital benefits they couldn’t receive otherwise.
51. A mutant killer whale lives up to its name
52. George W. Bush smokes too much pot at Yale and becomes a hippie, changing the world forever.
53. A man is wrongly accused for a crime, goes to prison, meets Morgan Freeman, and finds redemption when he escapes.
54. A whore named Rosie goes to hell and realizes that Satan is full o’ shit and takes over.
55. A singer-songwriter from a small town in Maine decides to move to New York and make himself known.
56. A Texan boy decides to become a rapper.
57. A man tries to light up his fart and sets his house on fire. [Title: When Shit Goes Bad]
58.A physics major is terrible at math and science and tries to overcome his boundaries so that he can make big bucks later in life but realizes that he’s looking for the wrong things in life.
59. God tries to microwave a burrito so hot that he can’t even eat it.
60. A man loses his arm that he killed someone with, but 10 years later he sees his arm in heaven from hell, which is where he went.
61. Little Timmy meets God and tries to convince him that the past tense of write is wrought.
62. A pimp finds religion and converts all his whores into a choir.
63. Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, and Dr. Phil all live on an island together alone.
64. Two poachers go on a safari and try to catch a golden zebra but are unable to catch it because it’s magical and mischievous.
65. A man discovers a civilization living in his beard.
66. A college man never wears a shirt.
67. An elephant has terrible allergies and won’t stop sneezing on the giraffes, which pisses them off.
68. Pluto is reelected back into the planets and gets revenge on the others.
69. McGruff the Dog adopts a drug addiction and tries to kill all of humanity.
70. A man falls down a well and wakes up in China.

Dr Pepper Cherry

I did not like this commercial at all. It is just so incredibly stupid. I am not a man, but Fergie does not seem all that attractive. Her nails are too long, her heels are “whore-high”, and she just looks like she’s selling herself classlessly. Of course, they WANT to portray that to all the poor souls out there who like that sort of atrocious thing. I feel sorry for them. They should really get better taste in women. But I digress…It is definitely a commercial based on sex appeal and luxury. The sex appeal is obvious (and in my opinion, ridiculous). Fergie is dressed in all black in a white room with that daring, sinful red painted her lips and her legs exposed. Classic. With the wavy hair, leotard, and makeup scheme, I would almost guess that they’re trying to give her a modern twist on the classic 1920’s look. I do have to give the producers credit for that, because it represents the new Dr Pepper quite well. A modern twist (cherry) added to something classic that the viewers all know and love (Dr Pepper). The white room, with its sleek modern architecture, implies luxury and wealth and, further, sophistication. These, of course, are appealing to the average viewer. Everyone wants to be wealthy and sophisticated with an abundance of modern luxuries. And there sits the Dr Pepper in the middle of the room on a pedestal, waiting to be opened by the scantily clad modern princess, Fergie. Aesthetically, the commercial is appealing because of the classic black, white, and red combination paired with the sleek modern look of Fergie and the entire room. I was annoyed when she “drank it” because it didn’t look convincing. It actually looked like she was pouring it behind her, as I’m sure she was. It looked badly done though, and I’m sure they could have done better. Then of course, they throw in the “ooh that’s smooth” and that stupid cherry stem. I would have found the cherry stem a tad clever had the last 20 seconds had not been full of ridiculousness. Overall, I found the commercial to be shallow and poorly made. I like it when commercials are more subtle about psychological influences they have on you and are actually well-made.

How To Seduce A Bro

A Whole New Class

This is the second time in my academic career in which I have had to create a blog for a class. I am very excited to do the blog business again! I also look forward to reading my fellow students’ blogs. I hope y’all (Ha kidding. I don’t actually say y’all)  enjoy what I have to say.

As a small token of comradery in this awesomepossum class, here is a video I do so thoroughly enjoy….

(please watch for more than a minute. I PROMISE it gets more fantastic than you may assume)

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