Let the dream become your reality.

Though I am taking a telecommunications class and plan on switching my major to telecommunications, I am currently a Business Marketing major. So I am taking a class called Business Presentations, where we give speeches and group business presentations. Next week we are giving group presentations for a Macy’s marketing competition. The goal is to create a new marketing strategy for Macy’s to better target the Millennial Generation aka Generation Y (which is us). The winners get a trip to New York and money!!

So, my group (aka The Council) is creating a subsidiary store for Macy’s called Rowland & Co., which will be specifically for the demographic Macy’s wants to target better. Trying to think of creative ways to make this image appeal to the Macy’s executives, I came up with the idea to give them a visual of what the store might look like and show them what we mean when we say “opening a store connected to Macy’s that still has a separate entrance.” So, I opened up Google Sketch Up and got to work. I started creating a Macy’s, adding the sign from the store, and then found shelving and clothing to put in Rowland & Co. I was happy to find that the 3D Warehouse had folded jeans, folded shirts, stylish wooden shelving (the exact shelving we wanted actually), clothing racks, manikins, and even a crowd so I could make it look like a popular place!
I had thought it was funny because just as I was thinking about making a small sketchup of the store as my own visual aid, someone in my group said, “I wish there was a way we could show them a model of what we’re talking about” (They actually did), and I said “Oh there is” and proceeded to open up sketchup and show off the program. Then I started building the stores and they agreed that it was a great tool to use and a perfect way to give the Macy’s executives an accurate visual.


Comments on: "Rowland & Co. by Macy’s (and The Council)" (1)

  1. Matt H. said:

    Awesome! Glad to see that some of this stuff is applicable outside of class… I hope your groupmates were all suitably impressed!

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