Let the dream become your reality.


Easy A: Close-up

(500) Days of Summer: Medium Shot
Props: glass bottle

Inception: Medium Shot


This assignment was definitely a LOT of fun! I have a number of friends in the class and we just got together, shared a nice camera from the Collins Duty Office, grabbed some simplified costuming, and went to town on this project for a few hours. My favorite was definitely the (500) Days of Summer shoot with Alan & Rosie. The Inception one was fun as well, playing with the hallway angle. I wasn’t super proud of the Easy A one, but it was okay. And it was still fun to shoot. I’d definitely do this project again since I found that I’m pretty good with the camera and few other resources. I didn’t “KNOW” what I was doing but I felt like I instinctively did. That was a nice feeling.


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