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Pretty Picture

Last night, I whipped out my drawing tablet and laptop and decided I was going to draw a picture on GIMP (A photoshop-like computer program that allows you to draw and edit photos, etc). I had not drawn using my tablet in a long time and I thought, since I finished my Drawing I class and T206, I should attempt to apply my newfound skills involving tone , proportion, color, etc. So, I found a photograph online from one of my favorite photographers. (The original photo can be found here: http://scarabuss.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d3d4a3f) I chose this particular photo for a few reasons: 1. I love drawing people, especially women. I don’t know why but I love drawing people more than anything. 2. The lighting in the photo was really interesting, I thought, so I would have more tone and color to work with. I started with the outline of the face and worked primarily with tone for the entirety of it. I tried to ignore the usual tendency to look for lines of noses, eyes, mouth, etc and just look at the colors and tones by themselves, as though I wasn’t looking at a face but simply a series of colors. It took me a few hours to render, but in the end I was relatively happy with it. I know there are parts that I wish to improve but I think that, considering the late hours and my extended time away from the tablet-drawing, it turned out pretty dandy. I definitely had to cut out some of the blurry background because I didn’t feel like doing the details in the rug and fabric around her, but a solid background with light mixed in worked well enough, I though. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed making it. It was fun.

The original photo by Metin Demiralay:


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