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Final Project: Part 2

I,for some reason, was not a big fan of this part of the project. I think I just want to work on the actual pictures more. Because the expressions I needed to draw were difficult. And I’m terrible at profile drawings, and I had a few shots where I needed to draw that. So. I wasn’t too super duper happy with it. Also, I don’t know what props I’ll need or have access to. I will be able to visualize it better when I see the space I am using up close and all the objects I’ll realistically need. I’m not sure. But I hope the last portion of the project can turn out well. I’m worried about being able to create what I need to complete the shots. But I think I can do it.


Thumbnail Sketches


Easy A: Close-up

(500) Days of Summer: Medium Shot
Props: glass bottle

Inception: Medium Shot


This assignment was definitely a LOT of fun! I have a number of friends in the class and we just got together, shared a nice camera from the Collins Duty Office, grabbed some simplified costuming, and went to town on this project for a few hours. My favorite was definitely the (500) Days of Summer shoot with Alan & Rosie. The Inception one was fun as well, playing with the hallway angle. I wasn’t super proud of the Easy A one, but it was okay. And it was still fun to shoot. I’d definitely do this project again since I found that I’m pretty good with the camera and few other resources. I didn’t “KNOW” what I was doing but I felt like I instinctively did. That was a nice feeling.

Ten 55-word Scene Descriptions

Her fingers click-clack-clopped away at the keyboard, almost as if they were digging for treasure underneath the keys. Her eyes scanned the monitor, waiting for something to pop out at her like a jack-in-the-box toy. Her fingers typed and her eyes searched and she continued, like every night, for hours, waiting for results to blossom.

The sting of the slap waded in and out like a storm siren, increasing and decreasing in intensity every second. Mason looked at Tracy with disbelief as she returned the stare with careless anger. He searched her eyes for any hope of reconciliation, but when he turned up nothing, he clenched his jaw and left.

Eve scrunched her toes into the thick beige rope of the shag carpet beneath her. She laid there, her bosom to the floor, watching the time pass in the form of golden stripes spilling through the blinds onto the stained rug before her. Barely breathing, she considered her life, everything that was just so ordinary.

Harry sat in his armchair, sipping at water Penny gave him, never looking away from the window. He would fall asleep there, half-eaten grilled cheese resting abandoned on his lap. Sometimes, Penny would stand outside the window while he slept. She would stand there and pretend. Pretend that she was who he was waiting for.

She burst into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her. She wanted to scream, but she didn’t. Burning tears poured down her face as she sliced her nails over her face violently. Her jaw locked in a silent scream and she beat and kicked at the wall. She went to the sink and splashed her face with water.

As Greg considered the possibilities and details that would be needed for the team’s latest assignment, a light tapping shook the door, which was unnervingly loose on its hinges. “Come in,” he said over his shoulder. The door scraped open twenty-five percent of the way, just enough for a small-framed woman to peek in.

When he looked at the screen of the phone, he realized his mother had hung up on him. With a huff, he threw the phone to the side. He clicked at the screen of his computer, going somewhere he couldn’t really see. With every frustrated click, the angry heat welled up further in his spine.

The wind blew locks of her copper-colored hair under her chin as she stared at the horizon. She would have simply looked pensive had it not been for the long dull tears wetting her face. Her feet stood planted on the wooden dock, informing the sea that she would never stop waiting for his return.

“RAAAAH!!” A man dressed in ripped clothes and a clown mask jumped out from behind a curtain and raised his chainsaw threateningly at his next victim. A little girl with blond pigtails stood there and stared at him with big bored eyes, clearly unimpressed. His “RAAAAH!!” died down pathetically as he stared back, suddenly disheartened.

Chad hugged himself near the bushes smoking a Marlboro as three children ran through his yard, screaming with laughter. Two children had thick coats and scarves on while the third, a nine- or ten –year-old boy, ran around in an old red sweater and jeans. Chad pitched the cigarette onto the ground before heading inside.

A Little Perspective

I enjoyed this project quite a bit. I had trouble coming up with ideas that fit with the size I decided on (approximately the size of a button), but I eventually came up with enough ideas. I had fun making sure the size of the person was consistent through all the pictures. Overall, it helped me be more creative and get some practice with body positions as well.

15 Landscapes


Conversation 1: Calculus in the computer labGirl 1: How many problems do you have left?
Girl 2: 13. I also have like..the regular assignment
Girl 1: yeah.
Girl 2: Yeah like…I know that there’s some trick to finding horizontal asymptotes but I can’t remember what it is.
Girl 1: Yeah. I completely forget. I mean…I am really…I don’t know. Calculus is such a back-of-the-mind thing that I just forget all that shit.
Girl 2: I’m just gonna Google that shit. It’s like…It’s not that helpful. It just tells you how to write and find the horizontal asymptotes
Girl 1: Yeah.
Girl 2: Google’s failing me.
Girl 1: Damnit Google.
Girl 2: Damn you, Google! How else am I supposed to pass my calculus class?
[Girl 1 laughs]
Girl 2: Surely not by reading the book. Of course I read that damn book, too, and like it doesn’t help. It just talks about limits.
Girl 1: [higher ditsy voice] How do you even read numbers? It doesn’t even make sense!
Girl 2: [same high ditsy voice] I don’t even…yeah! We don’t even USE numbers in calculus.
Girl 1: Yeah it was so funny when someone was like ‘yeah you can spell numbers’ PFFFFF!
Girl 2: You can’t spell numbers! It’s a number!
Girl 1: It doesn’t even make sense.
Girl 2: But in calculus, you don’t use numbers. You use the entire fucking alphabet.
Girl 1: Whaaaat?
Girl 2: Say whaaat?
Girl 1: Isn’t it math? Math is numbers.
Girl 2: Yeah ummm so I’m gonna disillusion you. Once you get to precalc, you don’t use numbers anymore. It’s all like T, E, A…
Girl 1: So how is it math??
Girl 2: I don’t know. I don’t know.
Girl 1: So is it actually just another English class basically?
Girl 2: Basically. Like they expect you to give a thesis statement when they want you to find the zeroes of a function.
Girl 1: That’s fuckin retarded.
Girl 2: Yeah it really is….Anyway, I gotta get this shit done. It’s due in 4 hours.
Girl 1: Kickass.


Conversation 2: Girl Talk

Girl 1: Yeah I don’t know if he really likes me. Like…he gives like…gentle touches here and there. But I mean like…maybe he’s just a touchy-feely person. Cause I’ve also seen him doing that with Casey.
Girl 2: Yeah like…it’s pretty shady like..I don’t know. I think he’s just kindof a manwhore.
Girl 1: See like…that’s what I thought, too, but like we were talking and he’s like ‘yeah people think I like a lot of girls but I really don’t. I’m just a friendly person. And I mean…you’re kinda different’
Girl 2: Ohhhh girl!!I bet he tooootally likes you.
Girl 1: Yeah he tooootally likes me. But I mean like…you really think so?
Girl 2: Yeah I do! I mean you’re like suuuper pretty soooo…
Girl 1: You’re so nice! Like I’ve always been jealous of your face. I just want it!
Girl 2: Well that’s super sweet but yeah..
Girl 1: But you know…I don’t know if he means different like “Hey you’re special to me” or “Hey you’re special retarded”
Girl 2: [laugh] Well, I’m sure he means SPEEECIAAAAL [nudges Girl 1 with elbow]
Girl 1: Well you know he’s kinda witty like that where he’ll like compliment you but he’s like backhanding you too…like he’s kindof a dick sometimes…
Girl 2: Well I mean like…those are the best sometimes…like I mean…you should go for it.

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