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Pretty Picture

Last night, I whipped out my drawing tablet and laptop and decided I was going to draw a picture on GIMP (A photoshop-like computer program that allows you to draw and edit photos, etc). I had not drawn using my tablet in a long time and I thought, since I finished my Drawing I class and T206, I should attempt to apply my newfound skills involving tone , proportion, color, etc. So, I found a photograph online from one of my favorite photographers. (The original photo can be found here: http://scarabuss.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d3d4a3f) I chose this particular photo for a few reasons: 1. I love drawing people, especially women. I don’t know why but I love drawing people more than anything. 2. The lighting in the photo was really interesting, I thought, so I would have more tone and color to work with. I started with the outline of the face and worked primarily with tone for the entirety of it. I tried to ignore the usual tendency to look for lines of noses, eyes, mouth, etc and just look at the colors and tones by themselves, as though I wasn’t looking at a face but simply a series of colors. It took me a few hours to render, but in the end I was relatively happy with it. I know there are parts that I wish to improve but I think that, considering the late hours and my extended time away from the tablet-drawing, it turned out pretty dandy. I definitely had to cut out some of the blurry background because I didn’t feel like doing the details in the rug and fabric around her, but a solid background with light mixed in worked well enough, I though. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed making it. It was fun.

The original photo by Metin Demiralay:


Old Spice Kid-Sweeded

Everybody knows the Old Spice Commercial with Isaiah Mustafa:

Well, I was incredibly shocked to find that a little kid redid the entire thing with no budget and did it pretty well. Check it out! This cracks me up:

Rowland & Co. by Macy’s (and The Council)

Though I am taking a telecommunications class and plan on switching my major to telecommunications, I am currently a Business Marketing major. So I am taking a class called Business Presentations, where we give speeches and group business presentations. Next week we are giving group presentations for a Macy’s marketing competition. The goal is to create a new marketing strategy for Macy’s to better target the Millennial Generation aka Generation Y (which is us). The winners get a trip to New York and money!!

So, my group (aka The Council) is creating a subsidiary store for Macy’s called Rowland & Co., which will be specifically for the demographic Macy’s wants to target better. Trying to think of creative ways to make this image appeal to the Macy’s executives, I came up with the idea to give them a visual of what the store might look like and show them what we mean when we say “opening a store connected to Macy’s that still has a separate entrance.” So, I opened up Google Sketch Up and got to work. I started creating a Macy’s, adding the sign from the store, and then found shelving and clothing to put in Rowland & Co. I was happy to find that the 3D Warehouse had folded jeans, folded shirts, stylish wooden shelving (the exact shelving we wanted actually), clothing racks, manikins, and even a crowd so I could make it look like a popular place!
I had thought it was funny because just as I was thinking about making a small sketchup of the store as my own visual aid, someone in my group said, “I wish there was a way we could show them a model of what we’re talking about” (They actually did), and I said “Oh there is” and proceeded to open up sketchup and show off the program. Then I started building the stores and they agreed that it was a great tool to use and a perfect way to give the Macy’s executives an accurate visual.

More drawing!

This week, I sat down and drew a ton. More than last week. I sat down at my computer and sifted through a bunch of my favorites stored on my DeviantArt (www.deviantart.com) account (http://mrsronaldweasley.deviantart.com) to see if there was anything that I would want to draw. I found a ton of photos by a particular artist known as “scarabuss” (http://scarabuss.deviantart.com). So, I went through a large chunk of his photos and picked out pictures to draw. He usually takes photos of female models. I like his work not only because the pictures are gorgeous but because the models usually have interesting body positions, which always makes for good drawing practice. He also plays with light a lot, which makes good practice for shading. So, his work is a really great resource for any time that I want to sit down and tackle a new challenge as far as drawing is concerned. His stuff is sometimes useful for digital artwork, too. I have used some of his work to turn into silhouette art before. (For a while about a year ago, I went through a period where I really liked to turn pictures into silhouettes for fun on my computer using a program called GIMP and my drawing tablet and pen.) When I sat down to draw this week, I wanted to challenge myself a little bit by trying to draw things that I usually hate drawing. I initially sat down to find pictures with people’s hands in them so I could learn how to draw hands in different positions. Then I wanted those hands to be integrated into the entire picture. So, I started drawing pictures that had hands AND challenging body positions. I also tried to draw a kiss since I usually dread that. I have yet to master drawing a kiss, but I think this one ended up turning out alright. Occasionally, I played with shading in the drawings, but for the most part I just focused on proportions and accuracy. I had a lot of fun. Some pieces weren’t very good at all. But that’s practice, I suppose.

Shady Business

This week, I have done a LOT of sketching. Not only have I been keeping up with the assignments for Telecom, but I have also been sketching for my drawing class. I have been looking up tutorials online to get better at things I am not good at (like feet!! I hate drawing feet!!), and I just keep sketching for as long as I can. I always sketch in other classes and take notes for them in drawing form if I can (you should see the notes for my business presentations class). Recently, my drawing class has started on shading. This is my worst nightmare. I knew this day would come, and I want to learn how to shade, but it’s always my fear. It’s SO MUCH DETAIL, and I can never seem to get it right. I was nervous to say the least, trying really hard and feeling like I was failing. I was worried that I’d never be a great artist and go into advertising if I couldn’t get basic shading down. After all, it’s important to understanding how you must light a set for a photo-shoot or music video or commercial. Every detail matters, and if I couldn’t figure out shading, I was screwed. So, we started on shading this week, and I was not doing SUPER well, but I was doing alright. So, I just kept practicing (in classes of course). I would practice by drawing people I didn’t know from the back and shading their clothes. To say the least, I am impressed with how far I’ve come in a week. I have gone from cartoon line drawings and some perspective to wicked realistic drawings that look better because I decided to add shadows and light. I feel quite accomplished, having overcome my fear of shading, and I’m sure I can improve even more in the near future, and certainly throughout the semester.

A few of my weeks sketches:

Dan in Real Life

I really like this movie because of the authentic feel. The atmosphere presented in this film is very warm and welcoming and the set design is brilliant. There are also a lot of incredibly true commentaries on the life of an average family. There are awkward moments, overdramatic reactions, silent moments of hurt, and true feelings. I do like the reality and the authenticity of it. However, there is a huge gap of morality and authenticity in this film, in my opinion. I have a huge problem with the fact that after the brother realizes that Dan and Marie are together, and Dan is back at the house, everyone supports Dan in going after her!! I mean goodness!! They didn’t even wait very long for that! And they just said “Yeah go get her!” and everyone was smiling and fine and then WOOO they get married! But my thought is “Wait a second! What the hell?? What about the brother?!” It’s like they all forgot about the awkwardness and horribleness that would ensue after Marie was around with Dan and NOT Mitch. I mean…Mitch was IN LOVE with Marie. And they’re just going to rub it in his face forever. Oh but that’s right! Mitch just replaces Marie with the young and beautiful Ruthie. Easy as pie. It’s as if he can throw away his love for Marie and live happily ever after with Ruthie. I just feel like that’s hardly fair to his character. He clearly held every bit of admiration and love for Marie, but since Dan loved her and Marie loved Dan, he just FORGETS when everyone else decides “Just go get her, Dan!” Because you know what Mitch probably said? “Oh yeah go get her! I can replace her with this hot babe.” I just felt like the response of the family was really unrealistic and unfair to Mitch.

Here There Be Churchill’s Dragons

A history lesson by Rosemary Duselis.
Written by Rosemary Duselis
Picture collaboration by Rosemary Duselis & myself

Did you know that it is illegal to enter the house of parliament in a suit of armor? It’s true. It’s been scientifically proven that this is because people used to smuggle dragons into parliament. People did this because the vote of anybody who was eaten by a dragon automatically became the vote of the dragon owner’s choosing. It was like a cruel game of reversi.

For example, World War II originally wasn’t going to be fought, but then Winston Churchill’s dragon ate the Duke of Kensington and the duke became a swing vote. The king of England was all like, “Damn it Winston! I’m sick and fucking tired of your BULLSHIT!” because he was indeed sick and fucking tired of being subject to the most powerful dragon’s appetite, a dragon which wasn’t even supposed to be in fucking Parliamet. Also, he made his statement more like this:

“I’m s-s-s-ick and FUCKing t—–IRED of y-y-your BULLSHIT!” because he had a speech impediment, and he was facing a dragon controlled by a dickhead.

Thus, Winston Churchill ruled Parliament like a fucking BOSS.

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